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    What Should I Wash My Face With? 

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    For a flawless complexion, it's hard to decide on the best product to use. Do I have dry skin? Combination skin? Do I use this during the day or at night? WHAT are all these ingredients?! Take a deep breath... we know it's overwhelming!

    There aren't just hundreds of facial cleansers, there are THOUSANDS. So, how do you choose the best one for you? What I've learned over the years is simple. Make your decision based on basic, gentle ingredients. Remember, a cleanser isn't going to sit on your skin long enough to do a whole lot... other than cleanse.
    Many companies like to boast key ingredients that tempt you to buy. The problem is, the concentrations of these ingredients aren't nearly high enough to produce any noticeable effect on your skin. Take Vitamin C, for example; a powerful antioxidant that does brilliant things to skin cells. Did you know Vitamin C is famous for being a very unstable ingredient? Once oxidized, its potency is completely lost. That mean if your beauty product isn't vacuum sealed or completely hidden from light, it starts to degrade. Now, there are a few stabilizers, such a Ferulic Acid that help counteract this, but, sadly, not every company utilizes them. 
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    A great cleanser is one that is extremely mild and packed with a few hardworking ingredients. My advice? Use a cream or oil without delay! Regardless of your skin type, a Cold Cream is going to keep your skin balanced and nourished. As you may have experienced, facial skin can be very sensitive to a change in skincare routine. It's important to use products that won't strip your skin of that beloved natural moisture. Cold Cream has been an extremely popular choice for decades because it removes all traces of makeup and deeply cleanses in one step. It's widely thought of as the most gentle cleanser available. 

    Don't Skip the Moisturizer!

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    This is a big one. Even if you have oily skin, moisturizer needs to be your best pal. If you use a cleanser that foams or exfoliates, your skin produces more oil since its temporarily lost its natural oil barrier. Fun fact: skin produces oil to compensate for lack of moisture. That means oily skin is actually dehydrated. It craves moisture. You must obey its demands!
    Moisturizers for face and body are two very different things and usually formulated as such. Body lotions are often heavier in oil and fragrance. They also tend to be comedogenic. Your face requires a lighter, breathable compound with non comedogenic ingredients. 
    When moisturizing your skin it's important to use oils that penetrate the skin without leaving a greasy film. Carrier Oils like Jojoba Oil and Sunflower Oil are pros at accomplishing this.You want proper, lasting moisture. Greasy residue swindles you into believing your skin is hydrated. But, if your facial cream doesn't absorb quickly, chances are it's not penetrating your skin barrier. Thus, irritated, unbalanced skin surfaces back in record time!

    Here's Your Homework

    Use a Cold Cream or oil to cleanse for a week, along with a light, daily moisturizer. Do you notice more of a balance? Is your skin feeling softer and more nourished? Give it a try, Darlings! I'm dying to hear what you think. 

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