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  • ZV Beauty of the Week | Harriet Ann Jacobs

    This week's ZV Beauty of the Week is Harriet Ann Jacobs. 
    Harriet was born February 11, 1813. She was born into a tumultuous time of great strife and struggle for people of her gender and race. She overcame so many of the odds stacked up against her to become an outspoken abolitionist lecturer and reformer. Harriet later became a well known author on the subject under her pseudonym, Linda Brent.
    She wrote and spoke from her own experience of having been born into slavery, escaping, and later being freed. She focused and expounded brilliantly on the struggles particular to female slaves. Harriet covered important and previously largely undiscussed issues ranging from sexual harassment, abuse, and women's constant fight to protect and defend their roles as women and mothers under horrendous circumstances and trials. Her extraordinary ability, willingness, and bravery to convey and communicate where other people lacked the personal survival or wherewithal is admirable beyond imagining. 
    Harriet's headstone reads in part, "Patient in tribulation, fervent in spirit…" I could not agree more1 We thank you for giving a voice to the voiceless! This year on the anniversary of your birth…we will be thinking of you fondly and with much gratitude for your contributions to women's rights.
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