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  • ZV Beauty of the Week: Jane Addams

    This week's ZV beauty of the week is Jane Addams.


    Jane Addams, born September 8, 1860, was known in her lifetime for being "The Mother of Social Work" which led her to branch out into taking on many social issues of the day, particularly the unpopular ones! In addition, she was an author, a suffragist, a women's rights activist, a peace advocate, a philosopher, but perhaps best remembered for her tireless work in the arena of settlement housing. She co/founded Hull House in Chicago Illinois and co/founded in ACLU in 1920! Miss Addams was finally awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931. What a constant battle she lead to give all the voices of her age the chance to be heard, and more than that, respected. 


    Your work lives on in the spirits of generations after generations of minds you affected and lifted up and the foundations you founded that continue the good fight.  A life well lived Jane!

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