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  • ZV Beauty of the Week: Victoria Woodhull

    This week's ZV Beauty of the Week is Victoria Woodhull.


    Born September 23rd,  1838,  she first made her way into the business world in the form as a traveling magnetic healer and later joined the Spiritualist movement.  From those early days, the course of her life took what might be quite a surprise turn in direction. She and her sister were the first women to operate a brokerage firm on Wall Street and later went on to become some of the founding women in the newspaper business! Victoria was a major supporter of the women's suffrage movement. This is not where she wanted to draw the line for women's equality however, and she was outspoken on the topic of  "free love"  (her term to describe the right to love, marry, divorce, and conceive children without government interference) She believed in sexual revolution for women and this made her a rebel in her day!  Her refusal to silently witness hypocrisy without calling it out, caused her great scorn by the male politicians she publicly outed for being adulterers! Last but certainly not least, she became the first woman to run for president in 1872. What an utterly fascinating life she lead!


    Cheers to Victoria Woodhull for speaking her truth and never being afraid to stand up for what she believed in!

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