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The Strange Gift Box


The Strange Gift Box
  • The Strange Gift Box
  • Creepy Gift Box
  • Victorian Style Gift
  • The Strange Gift Box
  • For Strange Women
  • $ 54.95

A Unique Gift for the Strange at Heart

For the strange and unusual, we offer a gift box of beautiful curiosities. If elixirs, wine tinted balms, and mysterious charcoal soaps sound pleasing, this is the gift box for you! Contained in a beautiful black box adorned with wax goal seal and sent to your loved one with a custom message typed on a 1935 Underwood. There's nothing quite like it!

* If you'd like to add a custom message, please add a note to your order! It will be typed and sealed with a black wax stamp.



R O S E   G O L D   E L I X I R

A multi-purpose beauty serum at its finest. Our Rose Gold Elixir is brimming with natural luxury oils and laced with gold mica. Rose Absolute and Jojoba Oil (two staple ingredients found in our best selling cold cream) absorb quickly, leaving skin soft, nourished and ready to conquer the day!

O L D   B L A C K   M A G I C   B A R

Activated charcoal soap with an aromatic blend of peppermint oil & clove. An invigorating way to balance problematic skin with clay, Coconut Oil and nutrient rich Olive Oil. 

R E D   S A N G R I A   B A L M

Red Sangria Balm is a tinted, ultra moisturizing lipstick balm with a sweet, deep berry flavor. This is what you dream your lips would look like after drinking a glass of red wine.


Delicate liquid castile soap blend, perfect for cleansing hands, body and face.  A luxury staple for sinks and showers alike, due to its plastic packaging. Castile soap is a notably soothing choice for skin that's left soft, without stripping its natural moisture. Mysterium's thick, rich lather will quickly become your go-to in any sticky situation.

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