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Meet Your Maker


 When I was eight years old, you could find me in a cream colored papasan chair, wearing red lipstick and a slip I had just hand washed in the bathroom sink. I felt a strong connection to a particular time; a particular way of doing things. There were two facts I was sure of. I wanted a transatlantic dialect like Katharine Hepburn and I wanted to make everything myself instead of buying it.

The first time I realized this, I was in the middle of a harrowing experience: mixing eye shadow into a tub of body cream. I knew it could change the color and possibly the texture... and I was too curious for my own good. I added oils I found from around the house until it seemed just perfect. (In retrospect, it doesn't sound at all perfect...) I customized anything I could get my hands on.
My first two batches of soap! Oh, they were so horrible. 
At 23, I started Zolia Vera with a flood of ideas. My soap making hobby blossomed into a fine tuned craft. If I couldn't find a product that met my needs, through trial and error, I discovered how to make it myself. I tirelessly revamped my creations until the results were absolutely dreamy. When I found myself reaching for these handmade gems instead of the next best thing on the market, I knew I wanted to share them with others.
Over the years, I've been very inspired by late 1800's almanacs, ladies journals and Victorian/Edwardian recipes. Today, I'm equally inspired by feedback I get from my customers and friends. My time spent researching the history of skincare and cosmetics keeps me highly motivated to create authentic, high quality products. I now work full-time as a soap maker and freelance makeup artist. Zolia Vera has always been a labor of love, nostalgia and creativity.

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