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“I love love love your cold cream! My complexion is clear and bright and soft and my acne is going away! I LOVE all of your new stuff! Especially the vanishing cream. It's the only lotion that gives me enough moisture where I need it and doesn't make my t zone oily. Thank you for making amazing products for sensitive combination skin!”

- Amanda M. Reno, NV

“Not to get too TMI but I have always had oily skin. Since the age of 16 I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun to get rid of these pesky blackheads around my nose. One time I even slept with a baking soda apple cider vinegar paste on. That hurt a lot. Eventually, I resigned to the fact that nothing will ever get rid of them and spent the past 19 years pretending they are just cute freckles. This weekend I bought the Rose Cold Creme from ZoliaVera. I was a little nervous about how my already oily skin would react but then I read how the best way to fight oil is with oil (mind blown!). I tried it for the first time today and I am NOT KIDDING when I say that 75% of those 20 year old stubborn blackheads are freaking gone. GONE. I am shocked, thrilled and will never use anything else to clean my skin again. Thank you Allison for sharing your amazing products with us! I feel like at 35 years old I finally have skin that smells, feels and looks amazing.” -

Eva S. Portland, ME

“Having tried Pond's cold cream I'm so happy to have found this. While this is just as effective at removing make up, it also doesn't leave behind a greasy film. It doesn't smell like roses, more like a very faint citrusy scent (doesn't bother me, the less fragrance the better). Very happy with this. Thank you!”

- Astrid Brussels, Belgium

“Tried Rose Cold Cream tonight after wearing my foundation for the better part of the day, and it worked wonderfully! Packaging is absolutely adorable and the product itself is great! It left my skin wonderfully soft and clean, and is definitely a joy to use. I would definitely recommend this. :)”

- Anonymous Los Angeles, CA

“The black magic soap is amazing. just used it this morning. the minty fresh smell is just enough...noticeable but not overpowering. my skin is soft. I LOVE it!”

- Vanessa D. Lewiston, ME

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