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The Atlantic Gift Box


The Atlantic Gift Box
  • The Atlantic Gift Box
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  • The Atlantic Gift Box-ZoliaVera-ZoliaVera
  • The Atlantic Gift Box
  • The Atlantic Gift Box-ZoliaVera-ZoliaVera
  • $ 48.95
 A gorgeous gift box containing our best selling coastal products. Celebrate New England and Coastal Maine with this beautiful box of handcrafted goodies. Atlantic Sea Salt Bar, Maine Blueberry and Basil Cream, Sea Wool and wood soap dish. Perfect for those who love the seaside, visiting Maine or crave the East Coast! 
Featuring a gold wax seal and custom message typed on a 1935 Underwood.

* If you'd like to add a custom message, please add a note to your order! We'll include a note typed on a 1935 Underwood sealed with a black wax stamp for your loved one. 



A T L A N T I C   B A R

Mineral enriched Sea Salt soap. Salt straight from the Atlantic and Coconut Oil melt into your skin, creating a hydrating, frothy lather. Swirls of Bentonite Clay, Shea Butter & Olive Oil for luxuriously delicate cleansing.

T H E   B L U E B E R R Y   R E M E D Y

A divine hand and body lotion. Blend of herbal basil and blueberry swirled into a base of shea oil and coconut oil. Carefully formulated to be rich and soothing with absolutely NO greasy or heavy texture. Glides right on! Earthy blueberry aroma is not too sweet, and not overpowering with hints of citrus and amber. Stunning glass bottle would make a lovely addition to your sink, desk or vanity!
S E A   W O O L

All natural sea wool cut directly from the ocean floor! Our sea wool sponges are of the highest quality available and perfect for all of your cleansing needs. Pliable, soft, absorbent and will NOT harbor mold or bacteria. Each sponge is approximately 4-5 inches in diameter.

S O A P   D I S H

A draining soap dish is a MUST for handmade soap! These gorgeous wood dishes fit perfectly with our standard round soaps. Three holes allow excess water to drain so your soap stays dry in-between use and thus, lasts longer. No soggy soap for you!

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