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The Victorian Gift Box


The Victorian Gift Box
  • The Victorian Gift Box
  • Victorian Vanity Gift Box-ZoliaVera-ZoliaVera
  • Victorian Vanity Gift Box-ZoliaVera-ZoliaVera
  • The Victorian Gift Box
  • Victorian Vanity Gift Box-ZoliaVera-ZoliaVera
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An elegant box of handcrafted beauty products, straight out of the early 1900's. Enjoy our bestselling Rose Oil Cold Cream, Chamomile Vanishing Cream, Complexion Bar and Sea Wool. These are staples for every vintage lover's vanity. Know a gal obsessed with history? Send her this gift box of artisanal goodies with a gold wax seal and custom note typed on a 1935 Underwood.

* If you'd like to add a custom message, please add a note to your order! It will be typed and sealed with a black wax stamp.



R O S E  O I L  C O L D  C R E A M

A best seller that deeply cleanses skin with an abundance of natural, top shelf ingredients. Our Cold Cream absorbs quickly and wipes away everything in its path! Skin is left feeling like velvet and completely supple, thanks to a perfect balance of skin-loving ingredients. No grease or residue.

V A N I S H I N G  C R E A M

A lightweight daily moisturizer and makeup primer for sensitive skin. Chamomile Extract and Aloe Vera absorb quickly for smooth, supple skin. Together with Cold Cream, you've got a winning combination for a soft, even complexion.

T O I L E T T E  S O A P

Ultra moisturizing, fragrance free soap for even the most sensitive skin. This recipe is "super fatted" to include heaps of gentle oils such as Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. Abundant lather, rich with natural antioxidants leaves a protective barrier to keep your skin happy as could be.

S E A  W O O L

All natural sea wool cut directly from the ocean floor! Our sea wool sponges are of the highest quality available and perfect for all of your cleansing needs. Pliable, soft, absorbent and will NOT harbor mold or bacteria. Each sponge is approximately 4-5 inches in diameter.

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